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I purchased several products from the Carol's daughter website but experienced extreme tangle after shampooing an conditioning with Monoi (repairing) shampoo and conditioner. It also made the texture of my hair hard and brittle afterwards although I used Mimosa hair honey and Monoi leave in conditioner. I noticed my hair on my bed by the long strands and falling out by the plugs when combing.... Read more

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After watching a presentation on home shopping, I became interested in the products. I went directly to the website and found the prices were better and placed an order. I reserve judgement on some of the products as they seem okay but I opened a small tube of hand cream in the "Ocean" scent that I purchased. The smell made me nauseous as soon as I opened the tube. I contacted the company and... Read more

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I recently used my new Carol's Daughter shampoo which I ordered from Home Shopping Network earlier this year. Immediately after shampooing and rinsing a second time, which the instructions said to do, my hair was fused together. The only thing I could do was to cut the five and half inches of fused hair off. Now my hair is extremely uneven. I was trying to grow it long when this misfortune... Read more

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Black vanilla shampoo and conditioner dried my hair out. I stopped using it before it got too bad. Thank God for his wisdom and Add comment

I purchased a product from an authorized retailer and was unhappy with it. I csll customer service and was told they couldnt help because i didnt buy it from their I was confused bevause. I thought C D was CD, no matter where i got it from. Edges control gel, black vanillà. Terrible Add comment

I purchased the product the product came pretty quickly as far as shipping is concern I got it for a pretty decent price because it was on sale I started to use the product on my hair which I did the chop last year my hair is now shoulder length I'm very happy with that but when I started to use Carol's Daughter products my hair was stripped of all its natural oils is very dry and brittle I... Read more

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I am a longtime customer of carols daughter. I was so in love with the almond cookie bath oil. I would buy it religiously until they decided to discontinued it (without notice). After months of mourning this bath oil,I decided to give ecstasy a try and I liked it. I started ordering 2 bottles at a time to ensure I wod have plenty. I go online to find there is no more ecstasy body oil or lip... Read more

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So, I ordered a gift from Carol's Daughter on Dec 7. I week later, I used the tracking tab on the confirmation email which reported the package had been transferred to the USPS on the 10th. Apparently, their free shipping option is something called UPS SurePost- where the UPS delivers to the Post Office, who then gets it to your door. Anyway, it is now the 23rd and the PO doesn't seem interested... Read more

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I purchased moni shampoo, conditioner,deep mask. In addition to the black cherry shampoo and conditioner and the cowash and conditioner. It took my hair out. I had a patch in the back of my head it changed the texture and msde it tough and took away the curl. I was so up set it yook me 2 years to get it below my shoulders! It was healyhy and shiny. I had to go back to my nexxus to get it to stop... Read more

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I place an order with Carol's Daughter later to find out that it would not be shipped in enough time to allow me to get it prior to going out of town. I tried to call them right away to have the order cancelled but the "Office" or Customer Service had closed already on 5pm pacific time. Their customer svc hq is located on east coast and so I was not able to get someone until Monday the next... Read more

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