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Worst customer service ever. There is absolutely no concern for customer satisfaction. I received two broken containers because of poorly packaged items. I have emailed and called several times. No response. I once spent four hours on the phone being #1 in cue and never got through. No response. Sometimes no one answers the customer service number or the customer service number is automatically cut off. This company doesn't seem to care about customer satisfaction; yet, the product promotion emails keep coming! I know there was a... Read more

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I've been a customer for 2 years, never had a problem, I placed an order 3/24/16, my card was charged right away and I am still waiting on my product. The website says processing. I filled out the customer service form, never heard a word, tried to call and waited for 3 hours until customer number one, then finally hung up when I realized they must just leave for the day with calls in the que, and people finally hang up, one after another until your the only fool left hanging on a dead line. Just pride in this company anymore. If they... Read more

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The smell of the product is absolutely horrible! Its a great product but it neefs a different smell! I cant yse it because the smell makes me sick! Add comment

After holding for 2 hours and numerous attempts of repeat recordings on the cues number I finally hung up Your products are good for me, however your customer service is very unique. Must give MS. JESSE a try Add comment

Review about Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner from Columbus, Ohio
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Ive been using the shampoo & conditioner for about a month & now my hair is worse & falling out ! I dont use any heat or relaxant on it either ! Please help me this is some of my hair before i did my 3rd wash & conditioner Read more

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I have loved the almond cookie scent. A friend gave me a small amount and the scent Was wonderful and lasted all day. I replaced My Channel with it. When i could i bought almond cookie. I loved the shea butter in almond cookie. People would stop and asked what i was wearing. Then last month i ordered the set. This is so diffrent. The color is lighter and in sprite of having the soap the lotion and spray and oil the scent dosnt last till i am out the door. Even in the jar you can barely smell the scent. I will not order this anymore till i know... Read more

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I've never had a problem with the products; my whole family uses various items with no issues. I placed my most recent order at the end of January, but as of yet it is still processing. Like a previous reviewer here, I called customer service to find out what the hold up was and I was left waiting on the line for a ridiculous amount of time, repeatedly hearing that I am "caller number x in the que". Just out of curiosity I called from my cell while waiting on my land line; at least then I could just walk about doing other things. In 45 minutes... Read more

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I placed an order around the Holidays that was shipped to my OLD address . . . even though I have submitted my new mailing address to the website on multiple occasions. When I called during the Holidays, I received a busy signal for weeks. After the Holidays. . . I've called 3 times and was left holding over 20 minutes, repeatedly hearing that I am "Caller number 4 in the ***". That number NEVER changed . . . during the calls . . . and the entire duration of the calls. Carol's Daughter has my money but . . . I have no product . . . and no... Read more

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I purchased several products from the Carol's daughter website but experienced extreme tangle after shampooing an conditioning with Monoi (repairing) shampoo and conditioner. It also made the texture of my hair hard and brittle afterwards although I used Mimosa hair honey and Monoi leave in conditioner. I noticed my hair on my bed by the long strands and falling out by the plugs when combing. When I used the Hair Milk (original) it reeked of the scent Pledge furniture polish and it fused my hair causing it to rip while trying to comb. I would... Read more

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After watching a presentation on home shopping, I became interested in the products. I went directly to the website and found the prices were better and placed an order. I reserve judgement on some of the products as they seem okay but I opened a small tube of hand cream in the "Ocean" scent that I purchased. The smell made me nauseous as soon as I opened the tube. I contacted the company and expected to be treated with respect since Carol seems so "caring" and "humble" when she presents on TV. Well, her act is just that and she has... Read more

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